Our body needs proper nutrition, calories, proteins,

vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, etc. for adequate working and immunity. The

diet which contains all of the above is known as a balanced diet. The number of

carbohydrates in a balanced diet should include about 60-70% and 10-15% of

proteins, and 20-25% of fat. These can be found on food supplements if you simply don’t have time to prepare all of them on the daily. Check out the vitamins and food supplements at https://www.canadapharmacy.com/.

Intake more Fruits and Vegetables

More fruits, more vitamins, minerals would be there.

Start in taking more fresh veggies and fruits to maintain your immunity and

have a balanced diet. Fruits and vegetables will provide you all the necessary

nutrients and vitamins a human body requires for a healthy and balanced diet.

Fruits like orange, kiwi, etc. will offer you essential vitamin c in your diet.

Avoid Fat, Sugar, and Salt in your diet

Sugar and salt are not essential in our diet; even these

should be avoided to maintain yourself. Water should be your go-to drink rather

than sodas or any sugary drinks. Try reducing the amount of salt in your daily

food. Also, eat baked food instead of fried ones. Intake of sugar will

lead to fatigue.

Don’t Skip any Meal

Most importantly, please don’t skip any meal. It will

lower your metabolic rate and leads to weakness. Normally eating is consists of

Three meals and two times a snack in between the major meals. Start eating clean

food instead of skipping any of the meals. Take more protein, carbohydrates

instead of sodium and fats. You can replace your unhealthy snacks with fruits.

Drink more Water

Drinking more water will lead to a healthy habit. Keep a

water bottle with you. It will reduce your dependence on drinking sodas

whenever you crave. Human is consist of 70% of water. Water flushes all the

waste from our body through urination. Humans need to sweat, and water

regulates the body temperature with the help of sweating.

Make a Diet Plan

Add a variety of foods in your diet plan. A single food

doesn’t have all the necessary nutrients or proteins required by our body to

stay healthy and maintain a balanced diet. Add cereals and pulses in your diet

as it contains a large number of proteins. Keep healthy snacks like fruits with

you. It will help your habit of eating junk food whenever you crave it.

Cook Healthy

Try to reduce oil usage in cooking by using a non-stick

the utensil or if you want to use cooking oil, use olive oil, or use cooking

sprays. Microwave or bake your veggies instead of boiling, which will not lose

the nutrients in it. Use spices or herbs instead of sodium or use less salt in

your cooking. Intake low-fat milk or skim the milk.


Changing your eating habits with the above ones will lead

to a little weight loss and not lead to fatigue. Try replacing your

unhealthy habits with healthier ones to balance your diet and to live a healthy

life. Try using smaller plates at home. It will end up eating less food.