If you read our reviews on Thai Lounge and Thai Gardens, you’ll know that the spot for favourite Thai restaurant in Barcelona is still open and waiting to be filled… again. That is because our favourite Thai restaurant wushu closed in December last year promising an “exciting new project”.

So here it is – Kiosko Burger is this exciting new project the owners of wushu have promised us. It could not be more different: the little intimate tables have given way to a big wooden one and wall tables all around, the staff has moved from the restaurant behind a counter to take the orders from there and the menu is now printed on a wall – in three languages to cater to Barceloneta’s tourist crowd.

The menu is simple – plenty of burgers, most of them in quite original combinations: There’s a Japanese burger with teriyaki sauce, a Manchego burger with – you guessed it – manchego, a Swiss burger with potato rösti, an Asturiana burger with caramelised onions or an Australian burger with BBQ sauce. We went for the Manchego, Australian and Swiss burgers along with some ‘rustic’ fries. With our number, receipt and drinks in hand we went off in search for a free place to sit. It was Saturday around 2pm so finding a seat wasn’t an easy task. Eventually we managed to squeeze on a wall table, just in time before the burgers came.

Served on a paper version of the Kiosko menu they surely were tasty to look at. Now you can blame it on us not having had a great burger since, erm…. probably since we came to Spain, but we found both burgers quite delicious. They were grilled medium-rare, so still soft pink inside, perfect size to fill you up, juicy and nicely spiced. The fries, too, would have been nice, if we could have had them with ketchup!

While we support the idea of homemade stuff and organic this and that, our tolerance stops with the ketchup! Note to aspiring restaurant owners: If even Nando’s, who offer the most delicious own brand sauces, offer Heinz, then you’re best advised to do so, too! Those sauces weren’t even tasty. Why would you force people into eating your supposedly healthier sauces and ruin their eating experience? At least give them the option. What sort of burger joint doesn’t offer decent ketchup??? Huh? Huh!!

In a way you got to hand it to the people behind the transformation. Not only did they spot another niche in the market (let’s face it, Barcelona isn’t famous for great burgers nor authentic thai joints!) and gave it a fashionable ‘we do organic’ touch, but they went from a concept that sees a 90min table turnaround decrease to 30min while getting people to voluntarily cramp into a space that was previously laid out for half as many guests. If we hadn’t lost our favourite Thai restaurant and weren’t one of those cramped in customers we’d call it genius!

☆☆☆☆ – The burgers are definitely a class better than those at El Filete Ruso, but at least they are not as crowded, offer a much better choice of drinks, milkshakes and desserts and, most importantly, Heinz ketchup! … Judged purely on the burgers, which is what really matters, Kiosko Burger just about keeps the edge.

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