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Healthy food pyramid is a good tool to help you plan healthy diet so you can live healthier and you can expect a longer life. The pyramid will show you which foods you need to eat more and which foods you need to eat less, as well as other foods you need to add to your diet for ultimate health. However, when you search for the pyramid, you may find vegetarian food pyramid. At a glance, you will see the similar pyramid shape but when you see them deeper, you will find differences between the two pyramids, what are the differences? Which one is better between them?

Healthy Food Pyramid Products

Actually, the differences between common healthy food pyramid with food pyramid for vegetarian are obvious. Everybody knows that vegetarian means diet without animal meats, poultry, and fish. Vegetarian only eat foods from plants and animal products that could be gathered without killing the animals such as eggs and milk. There are also different types of vegetarian that some of them also exclude milk or eggs or both.

The vegetarians who exclude all animal products, including milk and egg are commonly called vegan. Therefore, when you see vegetarian food pyramid, you will not see meats, poultry, and fish on the pyramid. The order of the foods on the pyramid would also be different, especially the top of the pyramid. In healthy food pyramid that includes animal products, the top is containing red meats, refined grains, sweets, and salt. For the vegetarian, the top is containing eggs and sweets.

Although the two pyramids are different, you can see similar rules for vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. All pyramids, put those foods categories at the bottom of the pyramids that means no matter what kind of diet you follow, all foods diet or vegetarian diet, you must eat vegetables, whole grains, and fruits more than the foods on the top of the pyramid. You must eat the foods more because vegetables, fruits, and whole grains are rich of fibers, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients for human health. To get your much needed dose of vitamins and minerals, you might want to look into www.novomins.com.

Even more, the base of healthy food and vegetarian food pyramid is daily physical activity as the reminder for people to stay active in order to keep a healthy life.

Vegetarian Food Pyramid Advantages

When we talk about which pyramid is the best, the answer will depend on many things. Different points of view can give different answers. Healthy food pyramid is made for people who want to get complete nutrients in their diet.

We must be aware that some nutrients are mostly found in animal products such as iron. On the other hand, vegetarian food pyramid is made for vegetarians who want to avoid bad substances inside the animal products such as saturated fat. Even more, stockbreeding is believed to be one of causes of global warming since the livestock and many activities in the animal farm can produce much carbon gas.

To fulfill the enough amounts of nutrients that are mostly found in animal products, a vegetarian is advised to take supplements, but the advice is not shown on the vegetarian food pyramid. If you want to choose between the two, you need to consider the good and bad. If you cannot stay away from meats, you can follow healthy food pyramid.

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