Whoever that said wheat free baking is a piece of cake, were lying through their nose. If you are an expert at wheat free baking, you will know your way through selecting the different flours, the combos that go in hand in hand and also about the amazing recipes that can be brought to life. but if you are a beginner in your journey of wheat free food, wheat free baking will come as a surprisingly complicated task for you.

So let’s start with the basics. When it comes to wheat free baking, you will need to come up with a mixture of flours. If blending the mix sounds like too much of work or trouble, you can simply purchase an all purpose commercial wheat free baking mix at your local stores. The secret in to being able to know what goes in where and which types of flour will do justice to taste as well as texture of the food you want to make solely depends on your technical knowledge about the constituents in the flour. For example, if you were to use wheat free baking flour on a pie, your understanding of the taste given off by different flour mixes will make you realize which is best suited for the occasion.

The non conventional wheat free baking includes using beans and legumes flour. So if you want to indulge in wheat free baking for pizza, you may use Garfava flour which is a mix of fava beans, garbanzo and romano beans. Garfava will also work wonders for baking spice cakes and breads. You can also try baking indian style chapatti and rotti if you have a liking to eastern dishes. Although you can come up with fancy ideas when experimenting with wheat free baking, some flour mixes will give off tastes that can make you irritated. For example, garfava and chickpea have a reputation to leave a strong taste in mouth after consuming it.

While some people thoroughly enjoy this, others find it difficult to stand the taste. Therefore, before you wholeheartedly settle on a wheat free baking mix, it is important to read up on the mix and also seek opinion from likeminded individuals.

Further, you may come across ancient flour mixes in recipe books and scriptures belonging to our ancestors. Amaranth is one such flour that has been mentioned in Aztec scriptures. So if you are out of choices for wheat free baking mixes, it may be time you read through your grandmother’s diary or found comfort in ancient recipe books at a library.

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