A person cutting pizza pice

Undoubtedly, everyone loves Pizza. However, you probably don’t need anyone to convince you to eat Pizza. Everyone worldwide adores the crispy-chewy crust, tangy sauce, delicious toppings, and burnished cheese on a slice of Pizza. But amid the global crises and lockdown, ordering food has become a complete No. So, are you compromising with your taste buds? Listen. You shouldn’t when you have the option of making Pizza at home. 

Several blogs or guides will help you out in making exquisite, crave-worthy Pizza at home in no time without any hassle. For some, Pizza is a way to get rid of hunger, but for others, each slice of Pizza is a journey they live. They have a special pizza place. You may also get people who can do anything who can buy them their favourite pizzas. It may sound funny. But it’s true to the fact. For pizza lovers, a pizza slice is not just nourishment for the body, but it is nourishment for the soul. 

Why do people love eating pizzas? 

Pizza is one of the most popular foods all around the world. There’s a reason why people love Pizza. People are drawn to tasty, cheesy, rich, and delicious foods, and so is Pizza. Pizza makes everyone happy because it is carb-rich. Your taste buds are the primary factor in making you happy because all in one, happiness comes from food, though. It looks crispy, cheesy, and yummy, and no one can stop themselves from eating it. How can someone say No to cheese? However, when it comes to Pizza, you must not forget that Norwegians eat Pizza the most. 

In India, Pizza is sold with a little tangy Indian touch which is also loved. However, pizzas are addictive because these foods have added fats, carbohydrates and the most important ingredient, cheese, which are linked to behavioural indicators of addiction. 

Pizza makes you happy

Pizzas are the most loved but Have you ever wondered why a pizza slice makes you feel so happy? You all know that whenever there’s a happy time, it’s a pizza party time. But why is Pizza a huge source of happiness? Imagine it’s your birthday, and you forget the overwhelming gifts you have received from friends, but you get joy from a pizza box gifted by your best friend. Jokes apart, here are few reasons why eating Pizza makes you feel so happy:

  • It tastes and smells amazing
  • Your cravings get satisfied
  • Serotonin is produced from carbs

Family Time. Happy Time.  Pizzas are universally happy and beloved meals. Any food can make you happy if it smells good and tastes delicious, and Pizza does both. However, the smell of Pizza triggers the brain to start feeling happy. Therefore, there’s no way where one eats Pizza and feels sad about it. So, if you are craving some delicious food in this global pandemic, treat yourself with a pizza. After eating Pizza, not only your tummy will thank you, your soul will too. Your brain will trigger to release feel-good hormones that will hook you for eating more.

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