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Losing extra weight will bring benefit to the person who does it. Everyone knows that overweight or obesity is not good for health. People with obesity face lots of health risk that they can avoid by simply losing some extra weight. Now, there are many kinds of diet program that people can try it, where some of them are far more popular than the other. Protein diet plan and low carb diet is very popular because it indeed helps people to lose their weight. Now, both of those two diet plan was combined to give the best result, and it called low carb high protein diet.

Protein diet plan

The basic idea of this low carb high protein diet is that the person should consume less carb than they used to and add more protein in their daily intake. This is the basic idea and from here, people can find different variation on how to do this. There are big numbers of people who succeed in losing their weight with this diet plan and it’s the main reason why it becomes more popular than ever. But before jump right into this diet and make protein diet plan, people should take a closer look on the whole plan and see whether they can use it or not.

Low carb high protein diet suggesting people to limited their carbohydrate intake. It works by “forcing” the body to search for other source of energy, in this case stored fat. When the unused stored fat is being used and burn down, people will lose their weight. Combine this with higher intake of protein; the human body will be forced to break down more fat in higher speed. This is why people should make their protein diet plan and include protein food source on every meal time, to make sure that they get more than enough protein every day.

Low carb high protein diet

So, how much protein that a person who follows low carb high protein diet should have every day? While normal protein intake that people should consume is around 46 gram to 56 grams per day, it is highly recommended to arrange protein diet plan that will make people consume 120 grams of protein per day. People should choose the best protein source for this diet and make sure to cook it in healthy way using less fat. Egg, fish, chicken (without the skin), milk, yogurt, soy product, nuts and some beans are the best protein source that people can consume every day.

Along with many successful story of those who lose their weight with this low carb high protein diet, this kind of diet is not recommended for long term. The whole idea of consume low carb and using protein diet plan menu serve well as a jump start in the effort of losing weight.

But, doing it for long term can cause nutrient deficiency because many macronutrients in foods that people don’t get it enough, even though they already consume supplement. It is highly recommended to use this diet for short term only while in the same time people change their lifestyle into a healthier one, so they can maintain their normal weight and stay healthy all the time.

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