Eating disorder treatment centers around the globe agree that bulimia and anorexia may be treated in an inpatient or outpatient setting on a case to case basis. In case of anorexia, when there is severe weight loss followed by impaired organ functioning, there is a need for inpatient or hospital treatment. If the problem is serious, corrective procedures to rectify malnutrition and even intravenous or tube feeding may be required. There have been cases like these, where a person is so weak that her digestive organs are not able to assimilate food properly.

Eating disorder treatment centers believe that a gain of weight between 1 and 3 pounds on a weekly basis is a doable goal when malnutrition is taken care of. Doctors and nutritionists educate the patient on healthy eating practices, how various food systems and nutrients are essential for body functioning and good health and they also advise on the right kind of physical activity and exercises to do without overstressing oneself.

The decision to go for inpatient programs is done if the person’s condition is so bad that due to anorexia she is not able to move properly or has severe psychological problems that affect her relationships with other on a personal and professional level. Also the fact that insurance now carries certain restrictions makes people opt for short hospitalization coupled with a day-care therapy.

There are different types of treatment approaches that are in use that can be useful for then individual. One of the best things to go for is a multidisciplinary approach that comprises a dietician, a mental health- care provider and a medical care provider.

A good eating disorder treatment center employs a mix of cognitive behavior therapy, group therapy, individual therapy and family therapy for anorexia treatment. In teenagers, it has been that the Maudsley model that works on the grounds of family therapy has been very useful in treating such a form of eating disorder. There is still ongoing research to employ the best treatment practices to deal with this disorder.

Nutritional education is obviously a prominent part of the weight management plan. There are support groups and group counseling that can speed up the recovery process. The person understands how important it is not to skip food and how the right kind of food choice and eating at proper times can not only make a person healthy but beautiful as well.

If you are wondering what kind of medicine is used by eating disorder treatment center to reduce the need to starve, there is nothing of that sort. There is a medication called olanzapine (Zydis) that works as a mood stabilizer, which is used in treating both anorexia as well as schizophrenia. Some antidepressant drugs which fall in the category of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) are known to control weight after the person has gained weight, and controlling the mood.

However as much as possible, doctors refrain from giving them and give more attention to counseling so that the person has the self-realization and determination to eat healthy.

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